Alopecia is the partial or complete loss of hair

There is no proven cure for alopecia however there

are certain treatments which are effective in stopping hair loss or restoring hair. Alopecia may

occur due to certain hormonal changes or due to excessive exposure to bad conditions like

extreme sunlight and treated water. The treatment for alopecia generally may lead to certain side

effects and these treatments tend to be time consuming too. Hence, the patient needs to know

the pros and cons of the treatment and then decide whether to go ahead with it or not.

Treatment for alopecia

The treatment of alopecia can be done in several ways through topical medicines or medicines to

intake. The treatments are effective but have certain side effects. Here are some of the major

treatments for alopecia:

Corticosteroids: Corticosteroids are the most common treatment for hair loss. These can be

applied directly on the site of hair loss or on the scalp. Nowadays, it comes in injectable form too

which can be given directly on the scalp. Short term use of corticosteroids generally shows no side

effects, however they may suppress the immunity due to prolonged use.

Drugs like Minoxidil: Some medicines like Minoxidil are drugs licensed to be used in the treatment

of alopecia. They can be applied topically and this medicine is effective in the patches where there

is no hair growth. The side effects of this medicament include itching and rashes on the scalp.

Apart from this there is an occasional overgrowth of hair. some other medications which are used

for the treatment of alopecia are those used for autoimmune disorder.

UV light treatment: this treatment involves the application of a drug which is sensitive to light and

then the area is exposed to UV light. This treatment however is not preferred as it takes the help

of burnt skin due to which the immune system automatically starts repairing skin tissues which

lead to regrowth of hair. The UVB treatment is also similar to PUVA. It involves exposure of scalp

to UV rays and this results in regrowth of hair.

Zinc: Zinc when taken orally, has shown benefits in the treatment of alopecia. The prolonged

treatment with zinc is effective to combat hair loss. Mild side effects like diahorea and vomiting

are seen. However this can be one of the mildest and cheapest medications for the effective

treatment of hair loss.

Alopecia is a condition which cannot be treated. The hair loss cannot be reversed but treated in

some cases. Some of the most common remedies for alopecia are wearing wigs, scarves or hats,

which make the person, feel confident. In some cases, hair loss occurs due to high levels of

stress. Once the stress is relieved hair loss stops automatically. Hair loss is a natural

phenomenon which occurs in 20% of men and women. This may lead to depression and sadness.

It affects the person psychologically more that affecting physically. Psychological therapy and

advice is equally important for people suffering from alopecia.

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